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Arrested Development and The Onion News Empire: Zero TV Hits

More Zero TV updates ...

First, a refresher for those unfamiliar with the concept; Zero TV is being described as a group of people--typically younger--who don't do the "traditional" forms of motion pictures like cable or broadcast TV. The Zero TV crowd watches things through streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Videos are watched on everything from smartphones to netbooks and laptops and desktop and smart TVs ... all of which are connected to the Internet.


I haven't had cable TV or watched broadcast TV in years, and frankly am not the slightest worried about missing anything. A recent example of how I was still able to stay up-to-date with a current TV series was The Walking Dead. Even though I didn't have AMC pipped into my living room, I was able to purchase and view the most recent episodes the day after they "aired" by purchasing the episode on my smart TV through Amazon.


I also can watch past TV shows and other movies on Netflix. If I need to catch the latest viral craze, I've got YouTube at the ready.


There are some very exciting things in the future for the Zero TV crowd. Firstly, there's the return of Arrested Development! Season 4 is set to premier on Netflix only, later this month. Netflix plans on releasing the entire season at once. If you're so inclined you could watch the entire deal in one setting. There's speculation that the season is the same story told through the lens of each individual character. A preview of the new season seems like it's gonna be a ton of fun.  Watch that below or at this link.



Netflix is already ahead of the curve on providing original content to streaming subscribers. Another of their Netflix originals is House of Cards, the American adaptation of the British mini series starring Kevin Spacey. That series was fantastical! I can't wait for the second season.


Something else on the verge of breaking through on the original production circuit is Amazon. They are actually providing several pilots (including several programs geared towards children) for viewers to watch and judge. Viewers then provide input back to Amazon and surely they will then turn around and fund the new productions. I watched two of them. The first I watched was Zombiland which is an episodic show based off the popular movie. What did I think? 'Eh ... the acting was sub-par, the script was pure cheese and it was just uncomfortable to watch.


Another pilot I watched, which definitely had me contacting Amazon to tell them I wanted more, was Onion News Empire. That's right ... it's a TV series based on the satirical news website that's given all of us at least 200 belly laughs each!  Watch a preview below or at this link.



Surely there are more bigger and better things on the horizon when it comes to those of us who have cut the cable and couldn't give a care to what's on "prime time." What's on prime time is not my time and developers and producers are quickly realizing they are going to have to change their business model to reflect the growing Zero TV trend.


Enough rambling from me ... What do you think? Email, Tweet or comment below:

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