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All Hallows Eve Approaches ... What Are You Wearing?

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Creepy Obama masks
Creepy Obama masks

As we get closer to Halloween, we've all gotta hammer down what we're gonna dress up as! 


Some of the traditional ideas are mainstays, like mocking presidential candidates or even the president himself. 


I have to share something ... Two weekends ago, I was at a work conference up north with a few dozen co-workers and others from different radio markets.  It was full of meetings and what not, but at night there was dinner, drinks and dancing. 


A co-worker and myself took a brief reprieve to get some hangover medicine and at the pharmacy they had a few select Halloween masks.  One of them was of President Obama.  Yeah ... I bought one.


Needless to say, I don't dance very well.  But a combination of alcohol, a sports jacket and an Obama mask ... I cut it up on the dance floor.  There are pictures of that train wreck floating around somewhere, I just hope I'm not associated with the pics if they ever do get posted.  I was wearing a mask, after all.

Zombie Big Bird ... now that's an idea

Thanks to the presidential debate this week, you may just see a Big Bird outfit at some of the parties.  Better yet, you may see a Big Bird outfit with the person holding some political sign to get a certain point across.  Not a bad idea, really.


Different zombie ideas
Different zombie ideas

Some other notable costumes you may see this year:  Zombies!  What's great about zombie getups is the fact that they can be unique to you. 


As pictured to the right, you can have a badass zombie, a "sexy" school girl zombie, a business zombie or even a zombie cop. 


All it takes is gobs of fake blood, maybe some latex scars, some ripped up clothes (from a second hand store) and a well practiced limp.  Also, you can head to a costume store and get some awesome accessories, like a knife in the head, or a dangling eyeball or whatever else you think is appropriate! 


Dressing up as a zombie--It's not like getting a mask of a super hero or a politician.  That's too easy.  Being a zombie, it's all up to you to ensure you get the desired effect. 

Wanna mix things up even more? 

How about dressing up like Big Bird and making it Zombie Big Bird (then you could really hold a sign about the possibility of PBS funding being cut, if that's your cup-o-tea). 


Since I am now in possession of an Obama mask, maybe I can modify it to be a Zombie Obama ... but then, I may have to explain myself to secret service ... maybe not the best idea.


What are you going to be for Halloween?  Leave your comments, suggestions, or ideas below! 


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