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Deer Drunk on Society

This Deer is drunk on society





The above video is wonderful evidence of how amazingly disorienting something as simple and necessary as public transpiration can be on nature.  This example is perfect to show not only how society crashes into nature with amazing force, but how it can also ensnare and disorietate nature to the point of appearing to be under the influence.


Plus, it's just an amazing world where these moments can be caught on tape for use to view!

It's Fall's Fault

Fall is definitely my favorite, our runner up to favorite, season, by far.  Everything; from the weather changing and mild temps and even the vibrant colors of the leaves, I love it! But, dammit, why do the leaves have to fall all over the yard I just raked!  



I've already bagged up 12 yard waste bags, and it's not that big of a yard ... how many more will I get to fill this year?



My First Official 10K

Amazing Photography Idea!

Here's something to consider learning to do for a weekend project ... From Vice.


Alice 8 Track: Thom Yorke

October 7th, 45 years ago, the earth was graced with the creatively clever creature Thom Yorke. 


To celebrate, Alice's first-ever 8 Track at 8 o'clockwill feature some of Thom's best work spanning a career whose catalog reaches into the earliest of the 90s alternative scene and also includes some currents that will take you beyond electronica. 


Join us as we hear from the album Pablo Honey, a b-side from The Bends, a cover of "No Surprises" by Regina Spektor, Yorke's collaboration with Unkle (recently performed by Yorke and Flea with Atoms for Peace in Chicago ... totally awesome show), and Bjork and Thom from Selmasongs.


Plus there's even time for Radiohead's "There, There". 


This is all topped with Thom's solo work and the work with Flea and Atoms for Peace. 


It's a stelar 8 Track at 8. 


Hope you enjoy it! 

Grandma: Super Drummer

I would love to bust out my trombone and play alongside this fine specimen of musician!


Dave Mathews: Hitchhiker


I don't know about you, but if that happened to me, I wouldn't believe it! 


And, my response would have been "Cash, Grass ... or free concert tickets ... nobody rides for free."

Cool Local Produce App Coming Soon

I'm a big fan of gardening!  I'm a big fan of keeping things local.  Heck, when you get local food (like from someone's backyard garden), the taste is like none other.  That's why a new app that could be out soon has me super excited!  Watch the video below:



You can read more about the app here and here.  I personally can't wait for this thing to be out! 

Declare Independence ... Don't Let Them Do That To You

Hot dogs, baseball, beer and fireworks ... oh, the wonderful holiday of Independence Day every July 4th.  


I hope that amid the enjoyment of this wonderful day you take the time to do a quick overview of why we celebrate.


The Declaration of Independence ...


Read the whole thing here, but I particularly like this part:

[A]ll experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security [emphasis added]

In that document it describes the things the British King was repsonsible at that time as examples and evidence of a "long train of abuses and usurpations" ...


In modern times, there's another train of abuses from the Federal Government: Drones, kinetic military action (undeclared roving global wars), funding and arming those who would harm innocent Americans if given the chance, the IRS, the NSA, fusion centers ... The Affordable Healthcare Act ...


Today should be a day of reflection and a time for decisions.  Which route shall we choose?  Despotism?  Or liberty and freedom and self determination?


Declare Independence.  And now it's time for an amazing Bjork song.  The video is also great.  Enjoy.


Bjork - Declare Independence from One Little Indian Records on Vimeo.


Flying and Flowers

I was able to go up in a World War II-era B-17 plane today, which was amazing.  This was something I covered for our sister station across the hall, 970 WMAY.  The plane, Sentimental Journey, is at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport pretty much all week.  You can reserve flights by calling Landmark Aviation at Springfield's Airport.


It's not my first rodeo, or flight in a WWII plane.  I've been up in other similar planes (you can watch video I put together of another flight here).


As for today's flight?  It was great!  Beautiful day.  Springfield is gorgeous from up above.  It's an amazing way to see all the Lincoln sights!  You can watch my flight in The Sentimental Journey from today below:



Meanwhile, I've been pretty busy in the garden.  Last year was a total bust, except for the amazing flowers that came with the house.  This year, we have a much better grasp on what to expect and how to handle it.  We also got a good grasp on the vegetable garden and have already enjoyed some fresh garden salad featuring cilantro, spinach and salad.  


Wanna gawk at my crazy, out-of-control garden? Follow this link and have fun!

Coors Light

Denim & Diamonds - Crowne Plaza - 10/25/14

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